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May 11, 2018

Introducing PDG Video Studios – Because #EveryCupCounts

April 13, 2018

Your One-Stop VIDEO Guide to Seattle's Specialty Coffee Shops

September 8, 2017

Coffee Tasting Basics: Taste vs Flavour

September 6, 2017

What Is Parchment Coffee? A VIDEO Guide

September 5, 2017

VOOM Smart Scale Aims to Make Extraction Easier for Home Baristas

October 15, 2018

Micro Mills & Third Wave Cafés: Exploring Honduras' Specialty Coffee

Honduras is a producing nation with a thriving specialty café scene. This small Central American country has it all. Perfect Daily Grind packed our bags and our video cameras to learn what makes Honduras so special. Honey Processing & Micro Mills on Honduran Farms Micro mills allow producers to process their beans on-site, ensuring quality and maximizing income. Take a look at how beans are depulped and honey processed at… read more

Honduras is a producing nation with a thriving specialty café scene. This small Central American country has it all. Perfect Daily Grind packed our bags and our video cameras to learn what makes Honduras so special. Honey Processing & Micro… read more

June 2, 2017

VIDEO: Why One Person’s Sweet Is Another Person’s Bitter

You love a natural, sparkling Ethiopian coffee, your friend prefers a sweet, nutty washed Colombian, and your mum loves chocolately Brazilians. But why? Why Do...

Cool Down With These Cold Brew Mocktail VIDEO Recipes

Hello, summer! It’s the first full week of June – meaning that, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the weather’s heating up. And...

June 1, 2017

Coffee Processing VIDEO Guide: What Is Pulping?

How much do you know about where your coffee comes from? Those beautiful coffee beans are actually the seeds of coffee berries, aka “cherries”. And getting...

May 31, 2017

Roaster VIDEO Guide: How to Blend Coffees

There’s no doubt about it: roasting blends is trickier than roasting single origins. But every roaster needs to master this skill if they want to...

May 30, 2017

Coffee Hacks VIDEO: Turkish Coffee in an AeroPress?!

In the mood for a Turkish coffee, but don’t want the sediment? Seattle Coffee Gear have a hack, courtesy of one of their YouTube viewers:...

May 29, 2017

VIDEO: Will Your Third Wave Coffee Shop Be Profitable?

It’s one thing for your coffee shop to serve amazing specialty coffee. It’s another for it to be profitable. And that’s why, in 2015, Andrew...

May 26, 2017

VIDEO: Scott Rao on Understanding Extraction, TDS & Refractometers

Extraction, TDS, refractometers – what does it all mean and why should you care? If you’re asking these questions, then you’re in luck: today, we’re...

May 25, 2017

VIDEO: What Is Honey Processed Coffee & How Is It Produced?

Honey processing creates a sweeter, more full-bodied cup of coffee. But why? How do producers honey process coffee? And what does it look like on...

May 23, 2017

A Home Roasters’ VIDEO Guide to Choosing Green Coffee Beans

Whether you’ve just begun home roasting, or have been doing it for a while, choosing which coffee beans to buy can be difficult. There are...

May 19, 2017

VIDEO: Are You Pouring Your Latte Art Too Fast?

Latte art isn’t just about a steady hand and good milk texturing (although those are important). It’s also about how quickly you pour that milk....

VIDEO Brew Guide: How to Make Turkish Ibrik/Cezve Coffee

Turkish coffee is one of the most distinctive, and romanticised, coffee brewing methods around. Also known as cezve or ibrik coffee, it’s known for its...

May 18, 2017

Roaster Basics VIDEO: Why Does Green Bean Moisture Matter?

Roasting coffee is all about heat and moisture. During your roast, you’ll bring coffee beans down from 10–12% moisture content to less than 5%. But...

May 17, 2017

VIDEO Guide: Quality Control & Defects in Natural/Dry Coffees

Natural/dry processed coffees have divided the specialty coffee industry time and time again. They have a sweet, fruity flavour thanks to their processing method. A...

May 16, 2017

VIDEO: Flat, Convex, & Ripple Tampers – What’s The Difference?

Looking to buy a new tamper? Not all tampers are the same, and one of the most commonly discussed differences is the type of base....

May 15, 2017

VIDEO Guide: How Do You Roast for Acidity?

Acidity is one of specialty coffee’s favourite coffee traits. But what actually is it? Why is it important? And how can you increase it, both...

May 12, 2017

A VIDEO Guide to Double Washed Processing

There’s more to coffee processing than just wet, dry, and honey. And double fermentation (also known as double washed or Kenyan processing) is one method worth...