April 13, 2018

Your One-Stop VIDEO Guide to Seattle’s Specialty Coffee Shops


Heading to SCA Expo in Seattle? Lucky you! With four days of non-stop coffee slurping, not to mention all the merchandise, the coffee competitions, and the Re:co Symposium, you’re in for a treat.

But why go all the way to the Emerald City and not take the time to sample some of its third wave coffee shops? Or view its best sights?

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We’ve looked online for some of the best video guides to Seattle, to make planning your trip that little bit easier. So, let’s get started.


Take a look at Seattle’s must-see sights, courtesy of The New York Times. You might not have enough time to see everything in this video, but you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from.

Seattle’s Coffee

Of course, you can’t talk about Seattle without talking about coffee – even when SCA Expo isn’t running. This video homage to Seattle’s coffee culture takes us through some of the city’s most famous names, from Starbucks to La Marzocco. It’ll give you a taste of why Seattle is one of the most iconic places to go for a coffee.

While that was the whistlestop tour, The Pancake Epidemic slows down the pace, stopping at just three of the city’s third wave options. There are so many amazing coffee shops in the city; however, the team make some good choices. First, they head to La Marzocco’s headquarters, where they view historic espresso machines while sipping on coffee. Next, it’s off to Caffé Ladro to talk to the team about light roasts and single origins, before finishing up at Caffé Vita.

The SCA Expo

Finally, let’s talk about the reason you’re heading to Seattle: the SCA Expo. This is your opportunity to see the latest innovations in coffee, from machines to fermentation methods. Take a look at what was on display last year, courtesy of Seattle Coffee Gear, in this short video.

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