May 11, 2018

Introducing PDG Video Studios – Because #EveryCupCounts


That coffee you drank this morning: do you know how it was made? How it was farmed, processed, and roasted? And who did this?

It’s a long journey from seed to cup, especially when your aim is exceptional coffee. Every brew is the product of hours, weeks, and years of hard work by producers, roasters, baristas, and more. And that deserves recognition.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of PDG Video Studios, designed to:

  • Make coffee education as accessible as possible, something that is a pillar of our values
  • Produce even more engaging content
  • Allow viewers to discover more about specialty coffee, no matter their preferred platforms or abilities

When knowledge is shared, the coffee industry is stronger and more equitable. Professionals, from producers to baristas, can further their careers. Coffee-lovers can enjoy even better, more delicious coffee. And it’s easier for everyone to understand the price premiums required to produce a high-quality coffee, something that brings us one step closer to sustainable prices for sustainable coffee.

Because #EveryCupCounts.

That’s why one of the first videos from PDG Video Studios highlights the journey from seed to cup in just 60 seconds:

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With special thanks to Ligia Torres de Ramirez and Nelson Ramírez of Finca Chely, Honduras for allowing us to film on their farm, and with credit to our in-country partner, Galeano Photography.