May 16, 2017

VIDEO: Flat, Convex, & Ripple Tampers – What’s The Difference?


Looking to buy a new tamper? Not all tampers are the same, and one of the most commonly discussed differences is the type of base. But what, if any, differences do these actually make? And is one better than the other? Find out in this curated video guide.

Flat vs Convex Tampers

The most common tamper base types you’ll come across are flat and convex, followed by ripple. Zack of Whole Latte Love kicks us off by looking at the different theories behind flat and convex tampers. He quickly demonstrates the impact on the puck, explaining how this could affect extraction.

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Introducing The Ripple

Now let’s take a look at the ripple tamper, as well as variations on the angle of a curved/convex tamper.

In this video, Seattle Coffee Gear shows us several tamper bases and demonstrates them in action. As they point out, this isn’t a scientific comparison. However, it serves as a good introduction into the wide variety of base types out there.

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Which tamper should you use? It’s very much a personal question. If you’re lucky enough to try a few out, you can see which one you prefer. If not, rest assured that all types can produce great coffee. (In fact, a good tamp technique will probably have a bigger impact on your puck than the base shape.)

Feature photo credit: Seattle Coffee Gear

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