Our Values

At Perfect Daily Grind, we operate according to three values:

  • Positively affecting the coffee supply chain
  • Making high-quality education accessible
  • Empowering a diverse range of people

However, we also know that good values are no use without good actions. These principles need to guide our decisions and inspire us to take proactive steps.

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Here’s how we take these values and actualise positive impact:

We positively affect the coffee supply chain by…

  1. Tackling ignorance (which enables the exploitation of marginalised groups and the under-payment of producers) through challenging viewpoints, exploring diverse perspectives, and publishing information in different languages.
  2. Increasing interest in specialty coffee through making coffee stories digestible, accessible, and interesting.
  3. Creating a global platform for discussion by making a network of business connections. In turn, this helps to centre discussion around the coffee supply chain and how it can be improved.
  4. Placing unprecedented emphasis on coffee production and processing across different languages. Through connecting consumers to farmers and communicating origin, we help shift the focus of the coffee industry and drive sustainability.

Matti Foncha, Founder of the farmer collective Cameroon Boyo, presents on farmer-focused trade models at PDG Micro Coffee Festival: El Salvador.

We make high-quality education accessible by…

  1. Providing free articles for readers to learn from, share, and discuss in multiple languages.
  2. Promoting education and information-sharing across different platforms and formats: articles, social media, Producer & Roaster Forums, PDG Video, digital marketing workshops and lectures across the world, collaborating with universities and schools.
  3. Creating resources in addition to news and opinion pieces.
  4. Encouraging more people to share their expertise by making it financially rewarding for them to do so: they support producers and consumers with education, and in turn, this forms part of their brand management.
  5. Ensuring we have the greatest possible reach through data-driven approaches to SEO and social shareability.

Indigenous female coffee producers in Guatemala receive coffee training in an initiative organised by Perfect Daily Grind.

We empower a diverse range of people by…

  1. Giving everybody an opportunity to speak; we provide publication opportunities to all parties in the supply chain, regardless of their English fluency or writing ability.
  2. Treating farmers and marginalised groups as professionals and experts; we consider every voice equal and want to respect farmers and marginalised groups as experts and professionals on their particular subject. We believe producers’ voices are just as valuable as baristas’ and roasters’.
  3. Encouraging farmers to consider themselves as empowered professionals through treating them as professionals and providing educational articles and media on the topics of business, farming, and marketing.
  4. Giving writers a greater audience via publication on our platforms and also editing their work to be more digestible and consumable.
  5. Helping writers and producers to form an identity; having their own brand is important for true empowerment.
  6. Avoiding reinstating cultural norms: we are a global, majority-female team and our voice is a combination of our diverse experiences and perspectives. Major issues are examined from multiple points of view.
  7. Committing to increase representation of coffee professionals and coffee-lovers of colour, through representing them in images, including them as interviewees, and working with them as writers.

Our Projects to Support The Coffee Community

We work to support coffee producers by:

  1. Providing educational resources about coffee production in Spanish, as PDG Español, as well as English
  2. Guiding and supporting communities in the formation of networks, such as Young Coffee Entrepreneurs in Guatemala
  3. Organising and/or running mentorship programmes for young producers

We work to support baristas and other coffee professionals by:

  1. Sponsoring Red Band Barista Academy, which trains disadvantaged youths in South Africa to become baristas

On the final day of their PDG-sponsored Red Band Barista Academy course, Amanda Maryaliso, Mkhululi Gcememe, and Thembani Ntsimango (left to right) prepare coffee. Credit: Fredlin Adriaan