May 18, 2017

Roaster Basics VIDEO: Why Does Green Bean Moisture Matter?


Roasting coffee is all about heat and moisture. During your roast, you’ll bring coffee beans down from 10–12% moisture content to less than 5%. But what happens if you start with coffee that’s a little dry or a little more moist than you’d like? It’s bad news, we’re afraid.

Moisture Content in Green Beans

As Peter Wolff explains this video,  when it comes to moisture content, you really need it “just right”. Too dry, and you might be dealing with past crop coffee. Even if it does happen to be fresh coffee, you can expect the aroma and acidity to have started to fade.

Too much moisture, on the other hand? It’ll roast unevenly.

As a quick note, while Peter Wolff advises 10–12% moisture content for washed coffees but 10–13% for natural coffees, many people recommend aiming for under 12% no matter the processing method.

Want to learn more, including how to test the moisture content? Watch the video.

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