May 31, 2017

Roaster VIDEO Guide: How to Blend Coffees


There’s no doubt about it: roasting blends is trickier than roasting single origins. But every roaster needs to master this skill if they want to operate commercially.

Fortunately, Mill City Roasters have created an excellent video tutorial on the topic. And as you learn more about it, you’ll discover that roasting coffee blends will help you understand roasting in general, and coffee flavours, in even greater detail.

So get your notebook ready, because this curated video guide is full of useful advice.

Coffee roastery

All commercial roasters need to be able to roast blends. Credit: Aaron Gustafson via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

How to Roast Coffee Blends

This comprehensive video will tell you everything that you, as a newcomer to roasting blends, need to know. Although the video is actually an hour long, we’ve set it to start at 25:20, which is when Mill City Roasters actually begin looking at how to blend.

They team start off with the basics: why should brands have blends? Which coffees work better as blends, and which coffees work better as single origins?

Then the video moves onto more complex aspects of creating blends. How do you create the best balance in a blend? How do you decide on, and refine, a ratio? How many coffees should be used in a blend – and how can you create more continuity when changing those coffees (due to seasonal availability)?

It then starts to get a little more advanced when the pair look at when to blend – pre or post-roast. While both are popular options, Joe Marocco convincingly makes the case for the former.

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Even More Technical Details

Want to learn even more technical details? Here’s another clip from earlier in the same video, and it also looks at the details of blending. Specifically, it answers a question from the viewers: how should you roast blends that have beans with different moisture levels? (Hint: think less about moisture, and more about density.)

We’ve set the video to begin as soon as Dave and Joe answer that question. But remember that, if you keep watching, the video will move on to discuss aroma in roasting.

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