October 19, 2016

VIDEO: The Quechua Coffee Farmers Protecting the Amazon Forest


These Quechua coffee farmers are protectors of the Amazon forest. Coffee pests plague them, diseases decrease their yield, and coca offers an attractive alternative for many. Yet they remain dedicated to producing coffee – and sustaining the forest in which their coffee grows.

Why Luis Quispe Values the Amazon

Luis Quispe says, in Quechua, translated first into Spanish by WCS Perú, and then into English by the PDG team, “For me, coffee is very important in life. I want my coffee to be the best in the world and my daughter to follow my path, to continue cultivating coffee like I do. Coffee is my life.”

As a child, he felt scared of the jungle. He listened to the monkeys and jaguars and felt fear – but also protection. The fear went away, and today he says he cannot live without the forest. He tells WCS Perú that he preserves it to stay protected. He and his neighbouring coffee producers plant citrus trees, bananas, and yuca (cassava) to help alleviate the damage of pests on the coffee.

The video is in Quechua with Spanish subtitles, but is worth watching whether or not you speak Spanish or Quechua.

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As WCS Perú say, “A todo ellas, nuestro más sincero reconocimiento.” To all of them, our most sincere recognition is due.

Feature photo credit: WCS Perú

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