October 6, 2016

VIDEO: Why a Messy Naked Portafilter Means Bad Extraction


Think the naked portafilter is too messy? Fed up of coffee spraying all over your gleaming machine? Coffee Champion Chris Baca of Verve Coffee has the answer – fix your extraction.

And he’s keen to point out that you should do this even if your portafilter’s spouted. Because it’s not just messy. It’s also bad coffee.

What Is the Naked Portafilter & Why Is It Messy?

The naked portafilter, also known as the bottomless portafilter, has had its spout and bottom removed. There are several reasons why people do this, ranging from the aesthetic to the practical (there’s more room under the portafilter for scales and cups).

The thing is, if your extraction is uneven, you’ll experience something called channelling. The water will run too quickly through some parts of the puck and will struggle to run through others. And this can result in spray. In a spouted portafilter, you can’t see it happening – but in a naked one, there’s nothing to stop it from spraying all over your machine and workspace.

How to Recognise & Fix Uneven Extraction

So now we know the problem, how do we fix it? Chris Baca has the answers. In this short and sweet clip, he explains how to recognise uneven extraction, in both naked and spouted portafilters, and the three steps to ensuring it doesn’t happen.

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And that’s all there is to it! Some people actually prefer to use a naked portafilter for this very reason: they use it as a quality control check. But really, it’s down to you and your preferences.

Feature photo credit: Scott Schiller via Flickr

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