May 30, 2017

Coffee Hacks VIDEO: Turkish Coffee in an AeroPress?!


In the mood for a Turkish coffee, but don’t want the sediment? Seattle Coffee Gear have a hack, courtesy of one of their YouTube viewers: filter it through an AeroPress.

How Does AeroPress Filtration Affect Turkish Coffee?

In this quick video, Seattle Coffee Gear put the recommendation to the test. First, they made themselves a traditional cup of Turkish ibrik coffee, before finishing it in the AeroPress (one filter, traditional method rather than inverted).

The result? They detected no impact on the taste, but it did get rid of the grit. Interestingly, due to the much finer grind size of Turkish coffee, they also noticed notice that it was actually air pressure pushing the coffee through the filter.

Half of the beauty of Turkish coffee is the ritual of preparing it – the beautiful cezve/ibrik, the stirs, removing it from heat to let it boil again. So you could argue, if a Turkish coffee is made using an AeroPress, is it really a Turkish coffee? Well, that’s up to the brewer to decide. But this method does have the advantage of ensuring drinkers won’t accidentally gulp down coffee grinds.

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Feature photo credit: Seattle Coffee Gear

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