October 12, 2016

DIY Coffee VIDEO: Tampers Made Out of Pencils


You read that title right. Pencils aren’t just for adult colouring books any more – now they’re also for creating custom-made tampers.

And they look seriously cool.

From Pencils to Tampers

The pencils form the handle, giving you an endless choice of colours. They’re then glued together, cut down into the right length, and hollowed out. Kavekalmar, the team behind this, then shape and varnish the handle before attaching the base and shipping them out to customers. Here’s their process.

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Now guys, this video was shot by professionals. Should you be tempted by a DIY project, please make sure you put your own health and safety (and that of your customers’) first. If you do not have the right equipment or knowhow to make this product, don’t risk trying. Even if you don’t hurt yourself, you can cause damage ranging from poorly extracted coffee to food poisoning.

And no tamper is worth that. Even ones that are this beautiful.

Feature photo credit: Kavekalmar

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