September 6, 2017

What Is Parchment Coffee? A VIDEO Guide


Coffee beans are bought and sold as parchment, but do you actually know what it is? What it looks like? And how to recognise quality parchment? Tom from Sweet Maria’s set out to answer all these questions in a handy video guide, and it’s definitely being saved in our favourites.

What Is Parchment Coffee?

As Tom explains, parchment coffee is a stage in wet/washed processing. Roasters and consumers rarely see it, unless they visit a coffee farm/mill. However, roasters will be familiar with silverskin or chaff – the last remnants of parchment.

Like all stages of coffee production and processing, you can tell a great deal about a coffee’s quality by inspecting the parchment. Watch as Tom breaks it down, using some A-grade and C-grade parchment from a Rwandan washing station.

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