June 2, 2017

Cool Down With These Cold Brew Mocktail VIDEO Recipes


Hello, summer! It’s the first full week of June – meaning that, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the weather’s heating up. And that’s great news for us cold brew coffee lovers, who have been waiting all year round to crack out the cold brew brewing devices.

We searched online for some ways to spice up your cold brew coffee, because what better than a cold coffee mocktail to put you in the summer mood? Here are two video guides we loved.

Cafe Limon

There are a few foods that are instantly refreshing – mint, ice cream, lemon… And that’s why café limon is a great choice for anyone looking for a cool drink.

We only have one more suggestion for this recipe: why not use cold brew or lemonade ice cubes to stop the drink from becoming diluted?

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Lemon Lime Cold Brew Soda

Looking for something with a little more fizz? Anchor Coffee Co suggests this lemon-lime cold brew soda, and it looks fantastic.

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