March 24, 2017

3 VIDEO Adverts That Will Remind You Why You Love Coffee


Coffee’s important to you. Sometimes, brands don’t get that. But sometimes they do. That’s why, today, we’re sharing some of the video adverts that really do understand. Prepare to fall in love with coffee all over again.

Ad #1: Production & Roasting

The sweet taste of coffee cherries picked straight off the branch. The unique coffee flavours created by the combination of varietal, terroir, climate, processing, and more. The way roasting can accentuate brightness and bring balance. That’s what this advert is all about.

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Ad #2: Café Coffee

This quick clip celebrates the beauty of the perfect shot and the clarity of a Chemex. But it comes with a warning: don’t watch while hungry.

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3. Home Brewing & Consumption

As this AeroPress advert shows, brewing coffee’s not just about making a coffee. It’s a ritual. It’s a moment of indulgence. And that final sip really is the magic moment.

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Feature photo credit: VCR CAFE via YouTube

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