April 12, 2016

What Is the Torch Mountain Dripper? A VIDEO Guide


You know the Hario V60, you know the Kalita – but do you know the Torch Mountain Dripper?

This Japanese coffee dripper is both beautiful and simple. Made of only two pieces – a ceramic dripper and a wooden holder – it brews a delicious cup of coffee. Place the holder on top of your cup or jug, and the ceramic dripper inside of that. Add a filter, and a you’re good to go.

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You may think that this sounds similar to the Donut Dripper. If so, you’re correct! The Mountain Dripper is its cousin!

So why is it special? Well, the secret to this pour over device is its internal ribs and large outlet hole. These control the flow of water and are the key to the Mountain Dripper’s success.

Plus, it looks seriously cool.

Feature Photo Credit: kurasu.me

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