February 4, 2016

DIY VIDEOS: How to Make 3 Types of Pour Over Stands


Your pour over coffee routine is a religious occurrence that happens on the daily, so why not bring a little personal flair to your home setup?

When you think about it, the possibilities are endless when it comes to constructing a stylish home pour over device; we’re just looking for something to hold the funnel and filter over our mug as we meticulously perform the pour.

Here are three different ideas to get your creative juices flowing. The instructions are clearly explained and the materials are easily found at your local home improvement/hardware store.

1. A stand-alone copper arrangement that can be constructed WITHOUT the use of of power tools!
2. For more of an industrial chic look for that coffee-loving plumber in your life
3. Who doesn’t remember Legos from their childhood? You can use them as a cast for making cement sculptures now that you’re all grown up!

A special thanks to the geniuses behind the videos for the inspiration and amazingly clear instructions for all of us DIY-challenged folks around the world. 

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How to craft a coffee maker out of; copper pipe, steel wool and a glass funnel.

Credit: HomeMadeModern

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Take your Bonmac, Hario V60 or Beehive brewing to the next level.

Credit: How We Make Things

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Credit: MakersKit Lab

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Do you have a setup at home that you’d like to show off to the world? Send us your pics and maybe, just maybe we’ll feature them on our @perfectdailygrind Instagram.

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