January 17, 2017

VIDEO: Here’s Why Your Espresso Shots Taste Bad


Great espresso machine: check. Great coffee: check. Great espresso shot: still working on it.

There are few things more frustrating than buying great beans only for your espresso to taste sour or ashy. But while there are many reasons espresso extraction can go wrong, they’re all pretty easy to diagnose. In today’s video guide, we’ll look at how to fix common problems.

How to Fix Common Espresso Shot Problems

An under-extracted coffee will taste sour, or even salty. An over-extracted one will be bitter, dry, and ashy. But what causes this? Justin Hoyland demonstrates some of the main causes of poor extraction. He also explains some of warning signs you’ll see before you pull the shot.

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While Justin’s guide covers a lot of the basics, there are other variables that will affect espresso extract. Gail from Seattle Coffee Gear reminds us not to forget water temperature.

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One Thing That Isn’t a Problem…

You might get worried if you realise you have the dreaded soupy puck. But unless you’re seeing a dry puck one shot and an soupy one the next, without having changed any other variable, you’ve probably got nothing to worry about. That’s because soupy pucks are just a side-effect of certain types of machines. Gail explains the phenomenon and any steps that might get rid of that soup.

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So if your espresso shots aren’t coming out as good as you’d like, don’t worry – simply follow these steps to diagnose any issues. And check out our video guide to espresso recipe creation if you’d really like to fine-tune your espresso.

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