September 5, 2017

VOOM Smart Scale Aims to Make Extraction Easier for Home Baristas


Making great coffee requires two things: good dry coffee – by which we mean freshly and evenly ground, freshly roasted, high-quality beans – and good extraction levels. The first one is relatively easy. The second one? A lot harder.

Extraction refers to the degree to which coffee flavour and aroma compounds have been extracted from the ground coffee into the brewed coffee. And mastering extraction means understanding the impact of brew method, grind size, water volume, roast level, water temperature, and more on the rate of extraction. Oh, and then controlling all of it during your brew.

Sound complicated? It is. But when you taste a spectacular cup of coffee, you know it was worth it. And VOOM Works have announced a prototype set of scales which could make controlling extraction much easier for home baristas.

Voom scales

The VOOM scale in action. Credit: VOOM Works

Smarter Brewing With VOOM Scales

With the VOOM set of scales, users can save brew profiles on the scales’ memory. They can then view real-time brew data graphed against this ideal profile directly on the scales. Chris Fleugal of Voom Works tells us, “By using an LCD screen on the scale, we are able to show coffee:water ratio in real time as well as a graph to add time as a more useful brewing variable.”

While this might sound complex, the user interface looks remarkably simple. After setting some basic parameters, the display demonstrates the coffee: water ratio in graph form and the barista or home brewer simply does their best to follow it. You still have to discover the perfect recipe – but once you’ve done that, you can replicate it every single time.

Watch it in action in their promotional video:

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Chris tells us that they have just finished completing their prototype, which means it will still be a while before the scales are on the market. What’s more, no price has yet been announced – although on their website, VOOM state, “Our goal is to bring third wave coffee to a wide audience. Ensuring that our device is affordable while maintaining a high product quality is key to achieving our goal.”

So what do you think? Would you use these scales?

Feature photo credit: VOOM Works

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