April 13, 2016

Pop That Coffee: 2 VIDEO Guides to Popcorn Roasting Coffee


If there’s anything better than drinking great coffee, it’s got to be drinking great coffee that YOU have roasted by hand.

The problem is, most roasters can set you back a pretty penny and take a long time to learn how to use. But that’s not so with the popcorn popper.

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This retro appliance will allow you to roast your own green beans in just five minutes. And even better, it’s incredibly easy to use.

Discover the basic steps in this video. It’ll take you through the equipment you need, the ten stages of coffee roasting, and storing the coffee.

And now that you’re familiar with the basics, check out this video for a few pro tips – such as how to increase the temperature inside your popcorn popper and ensure an even roast.

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Feature Photo Credit: roastycoffee.com

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