July 8, 2016

How to Avoid Stale Coffee: A VIDEO Guide


Nobody wants to drink stale coffee. It’s flat, it’s disappointing, and it’s easily avoided.

Of course, the perfect solution would be to just buy the amount of coffee that you can drink in a few days – but that’s not always possible, especially if you don’t drink that many cups a day and you have to order your beans online.

Another solution would be to order this grinder that measures how fresh your beans are. But perhaps it’s just not the grinder for you – or perhaps you already have one and don’t want to spend money on replacing it just yet.

In that case, you need to watch these two videos. First off is one by Whole Latte Love that looks at how to store coffee for maximum freshness. While it’s a great guide, we should also mention that all coffee is different and, while two weeks is a good guide for many beans, it’s not accurate for all.

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But what if you’re still not sure if it’s fresh? Perhaps you weren’t able to freeze it, or you were but you still weren’t able to use it as quickly as you wanted when you defrosted it. Well, America’s Test Kitchen has one handy tip for checking if your beans have gone bad.

Now as we said, every coffee is different. This video uses the guide of 7-10 days, but some beans will have different parameters. In fact, that’s what makes this trick so useful.

Here’s to never drinking stale coffee again!

Feature photo credit: Pexels

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