April 22, 2016

5 Must-Visit Specialty Coffee Shops in Wrocław, Poland


Some like to say that Wrocław is the best city in Poland, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s the 2016 European Capital of Culture, the 2016 World Book Capital, and the host to both the 2016 European Film Awards and Theatre Olympics. It has a great history, stunning architecture, and friendly inhabitants. In short, this city is an amazing place to visit or live in.

But it’s not only its impressive culture and sightseeing spots that make it worth holidaying in – it’s also its dynamic and developing coffee scene. It has a bunch of excellent cafés as well as some first-rate baristas. The 2015 National AeroPress Champion, along with the first runner up, call Wroclaw their home – as do the first runners up in both the National Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters competitions. What’s more, Wroclaw just so happens to also be the city of Czarny Deszcz, a well-known Polish coffee brand.

So I’d fully encourage you to make Wroclaw your next coffee tourism spot. And to help, I’ve created a list of five unmissable cafés for you to drop by.

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Why These Five?

It’s impossible to pick the five best cafés in any one city, especially when the specialty coffee scene is constantly developing. Yet these five are some of my favorites.

Although it was hard to select just five, I made sure that every coffee house on this list serves excellent coffee, that their baristas exhibit that characteristic Polish friendliness, and that they will allow you to try Polish roasts and blends.

Treat this, not as a definitive list of the best coffee houses, but as a good introduction to the vibrant coffee culture of Wroclaw.


Gniazado is the youngest café on the list, but it’s already one of the best in the city. This city centre espresso and brew bar has a strong team of talented baristas, all passionate about specialty. Stop by for a drink, enjoy some food from its open kitchen, or even pick up a bag of coffee beans to brew at home – you won’t be disappointed.

Come in and have delicious coffee and cake!

Where Świdnicka 36, Wrocław
Style Relaxed, perfect for lazy weekends
Espresso Machine La Marzocco Linea PB
Grinder Mahlkonig Kenia, Eureka Olympus
Coffee Offerings Coffees from top European roasters (Coffee Proficiency, Audun Coffee, JB, etc.), either as an espresso or brewed in a V60, AeroPress, or Chemex
Food Lunch and brunch menu, salads, sandwiches, and house-made cakes
Retail Offerings Bags of coffee for €10-12

Gniazdo coffee shop wroclaw

Lots of tables for cozy afternoon hangouts.


If you’re all about honest hospitality and great coffee, Café Targowa is the place for you. This tiny café can be found between the fruit, vegetable, and meat stands in a gorgeous old trade hall. You’ll find it packed with friendly people and a great atmosphere.

Targowa coffee shop wroclaw

Look at all of this coffee, waiting to be brewed.

Where Hala Targowa, Wrocław
Style Lively and friendly
Espresso Machine Nuova Simonelli Aurelia
Grinder Mazzer SJ, Casadio, Mahlkonig Kenia
Coffee Offerings Mainly Polish coffees (Czarny Deszcz, Coffee Proficiency, etc.), available as espresso-based drinks or from the brew bar
Food Fresh sandwiches and great brownies (seriously, try the brownies)
Retail Offerings Bags of coffee for €10

Beautiful lattes and coffee from Polish roasters waiting for you.


A cozy place to relax, have a bite of cake, or grab a beer, Bema Café’s modern style doesn’t stop it from being warm and welcoming. There are two Bema’s in Wrocław right now but, whichever one you go to, it’s a great place to invite your mom or a friend to gossip the day away.

Bema coffee shop wroclaw

Bema’s comfortable interior inviting you for a cup of coffee.

Where Drobnera 38 or Legnicka 56, Wrocław
Style Modern but homely
Espresso Machine Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II
Grinder NS Mythos One
Coffee Offerings Mostly espresso-based coffees from Polish roasteries (Coffee Proficiency, Kofi Brand), but also some rotating beans available for V60, AeroPress, and Chemex
Food & Other Drinks Sandwiches, salads, toast, cakes, omelets, and smoothies

Bema coffee shop wroclaw

So stylish, you’ll never want to leave.


Once you start frequenting Café Rozrusznik, you become a part of the family. It’s in an old neighbourhood and attracts a group of friendly regulars. The warm and laidback atmosphere is just one of the reasons to visit, along with its collection of vinyl music and choice of specialty coffee.

Cozy, coffee, and collections of vinyls. Do you need more reasons to visit?

Where Cybulskiego 15, Wrocław
Style Homely and relaxed – a good spot to spend lazy mornings in
Espresso Machine Astoria CMA
Grinder Brasilia RR45
Coffee Offerings Mostly espresso-based drinks from Czarny Deszcz, but the brew bar also serves some single origin Arabicas
Food Toast, fresh sandwiches, and cakes
Retail Offerings Bags of coffee for €10


A colorful, retro coffee house full of warmth, smiling staff, and specialty coffees from undiscovered roasters – Kawalerka Café is some people’s idea of perfection. Marlena, the Head Barista, won’t just brew you a coffee; she’ll be so friendly and welcoming that your visits will slowly become longer and longer. This coffee house is an excellent reason to leave the city center.

Kawalerka coffee shop wroclaw

Behind this facade hides a cozy coffee heaven.

Where Benedykta Polaka 12, Wrocław
Style Vintage and friendly – perfect for dates and afternoon chill-outs
Espresso Machine Faema E91 SE
Grinder Mahlkonig K30
Coffee Offerings Local espresso blend; variety of different coffees available from the brew bar, including Czarny Deszcz
Food Quiches, soups, sandwiches, toast, and cakes

Kawalerka coffee shop wroclaw

This coffee spot will become your new living room.

So there you have it: five unmissable specialty coffee houses in Wroclaw. They’re sure to make your visit memorable. But if you have some extra time in this city of culture, I encourage you to explore more of our café scene. There’s so much more to Poland than just these five cafés, and your curiosity is sure to be rewarded.

Edited by T. Newton.

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