January 8, 2016

5 Specialty Coffee Shops to Visit in Barcelona


Barcelona is known for it’s football, food, climate, culture, and architecture. This could soon change, as there’s a new generation of roasters, baristas, and consumers that are changing the city’s coffee culture. I’ve been exploring some of Barcelona’s coffee shops at the vanguard of the city’s specialty coffee revolution, and I’m here to tell you all about them.

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Nømad Cøffee

The two-time Spanish barista champion and London-trained owner of Nømad, Jordi Mestre returned to his native Barcelona in 2013. His objective? To brew and roast the same high-quality specialty coffee that he found in London. It’s safe to say that he’s been able to do this. Along with distributing beans to a number of high-quality establishments across Catalonia and the rest of Spain, Nømad have two Barcelona coffee shops; their intimate Cøffee Lab opened back in 2013, while their roastery-cum-coffee space, Roaster’s Home, opened in May this year.

Coffee cups at Nomad Coffee

A meeting of cups in coffee heaven at Nømad

WhereRoaster’s Home at Carrer de Pujades, 95 and the Cøffee Lab at Passatge Sert, 12
StyleRoaster’s Home is a café, teaching space, and roastery, while the Cøffee Lab is an interactive brew bar.
Espresso MachineLa Marzocco Strada
GrinderLa Marzocco Vulcano
Coffee OfferingsEspresso and filter, roasted by Nomad themselves at Roaster’s Home. V60, Kalita, AeroPress, Chemex, and Moka Pot all available.
RoasterDiedrich, IR-12
FoodCakes and pastries from Miquel Coulibaly
Retail OfferingsBags of filter coffee for €13, espresso for between €8-€11. Decaf coffee available too. Public cupping for €12-€17 on Fridays at 4pm.
Nømad retail coffee bags

Bags of #BloodyGoodCoffee for all you Nømads


Carmen Callizo, the founder of SlowMov, was working in the technology industry when she decided that she’d rather spend her days cooking and making artisanal coffee. Trained at Coutume Café in Paris by the renowned Antoine Netien, Carmen decided to open SlowMov, her Barcelona coffee shop, in her grandfather’s old workshop in the neighbourhood of Gràcia. She retains a close relationship with Coutume, roasting and using coffee supplied by the Parisian outfit, but mixes that with local goods. Part of her mission is to promote local ecological businesses; she’s also adopted the motto of “haste makes waste”.   

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Slow Mov coffee

Grab some of Coutume’s coffee, fresh from France, roasted by Slow Mov.

WhereCarrer de Luis Antúnez, 18, Gràcia
StyleSlowMov is an open-plan and interactive café and roastery in a former workshop.
Espresso MachineKees van der Westen Mirage duette
Must-Try DrinksFazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (Brazil) #484 double espresso, Mpanga Natural v60
Coffee OfferingsDirect trade and selection from Coutume Café, all roasted at SlowMov.
RoasterGiesen W6
FoodPastries with local, ecological ingredients from Luna Limón & other local pastries, and spelt bread toast with oil. They also sell jam, oil, juice, fruits, vegetables, wine, and craft beer.
Retail OfferingsCoffee beans from Coutume café roasted at SlowMov, ground to the customer’s taste. They also organise events and cuppings, both externally and internally, and provide wholesale coffee to a number of local coffee shops.
Slow Mov coffee

Haste makes waste: me brewing a slooow pour-over at SlowMov

La Cherry

La Cherry is a newcomer to the Barcelona coffee shop scene. Inside the Makers Of Barcelona collaborative workspace, Guatemalan owner/barista Gianluca Buonafina serves up aromatic Latin American coffee and delectable local food at his brew-bar.

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La Cherry coffee shop

Cute sign, huh? Time to pop that coffee cherry

WhereMOB (Makers Of Barcelona), Carrer de Bailèn, 11
StyleBrew bar and coffee corner in a collaborative workspace
Espresso Machine La Marzocco GS3 AV
GrinderCompak E8 83mm flat burrs
Coffee OfferingsLos Pirineos (Honey process) Tusell Tostadores, and v60 filter
Must-Try DrinksThey’ve only just opened and are still developing their client base and finding their feet; that said, their double-shot espresso is ace!
FoodToast, cereals, salads, sandwiches, and yoghurts
Retail OfferingsBags available of whatever’s being brewed in-store from Tusell Tostadores
coffee menu and brownies

The food offering at La Cherry… Yummmm

Satan’s Coffee Corner

Satan’s is a hipster magnet amongst Barcelona’s coffee shops. Located deep in Barcelona’s Barri Gòtic, but only a stone’s throw from the Ramblas and the Plaça de Sant Jaume, Marcos Bartolomé and team brew up beans from local roaster Right Side Coffee – alongside excellent homemade food in an open kitchen.

A satanic Kalita

Brew up a Satanic storm at Satan’s Coffee Corner

WhereCarrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11
Style The ideal place to meet up with someone for craft coffee and food, as it has a brew-bar, seating, and an open-plan kitchen. The clientele are international and diverse
Espresso MachineLa Marzocco GS3
GrinderCompak K10
Coffee OfferingsEspresso and filter from Right Side Coffee; however, there’s usually a guest filter too. Also in the evenings, you can also get wine and cocktails.
Must-Try DrinksFlat white – by far the most popular drink in the place. The cocktails are great as well.
FoodCakes, freshly made salads, and sandwiches (great veggie options). The Japanese breakfast comes highly recommended.
Retail OfferingsNormally, the beans that are being brewed in-store, alongside several other bags of Right Side Coffee’s latest roasts.
Satan's Food

Trying my best to look Satanic with some delectable food

Onna Coffee

The final place on my list of must-visit coffee places in Barcelona sources, roasts, and brews its direct-trade beans solely from Costa Rica. The owner, Anahī Páez, has been in the coffee business for 10 years and is plugged into both the coffee scene in Costa Rica and in Barcelona.

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Where Carrer Santa Teresa 1, Gràcia, Barcelona
Style Perfect for a coffee date or a caffeinated lunch
Espresso MachineDella Corte DC Pro
Coffee OfferingsEspresso and a variety of filters, including AeroPress and v60. Between 2-4 different Costa Rica single origins available at any one time.
Must-Try Drinks Any of the filters on offer come highly recommended, as all of the coffee served is from Costa Rica in origin
Food Homemade food with light lunch options (pasta salad, salads, soups) and cakes and pastries.
coffee from cost rica

Onna is all about the origins… Crafty Costa Rican coffee

So there you have it: your one-stop coffee guide to Barcelona. What are you waiting for? Get your passport, book those flights, and begin drinking those coffees.

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Feature photo credit: Bert Kaufmann

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