Meet The Team

Ana Paula Rosas
PDG Brasil Translator

Ana Paula is a journalist and barista who believes that communication and education are essential for constructively changing the community. She also believes that it’s even better when it happens through coffee and building strong connections between people.

São Paulo, Brazil

Ana Valencia
Digital Account Manager

A pyschopedagogist who currently works as a social media manager, Ana loves cooking, traveling, good music, and coffee – with coffee having become one of her biggest passions.

Guadalajara, Mexico.

Carlos Santana
Graphic Designer

Carlos is a graphic designer and barista, always looking to acquire and share new knowledge about coffee. Outside of work he spends his time planning trips, cycling, visiting coffee shops and taking care of his plants.

Porto, Portugal

Daniel Molinares
Business Consultant

With 10 years of experience as a consultant, Daniel has been helping businesses grow and thrive in many sectors, including specialty coffee. He is also passionate about BMWs, cooking, and photography.

Miami, USA

Daniel Teixeira
PDG Brasil Translator

Daniel is a geographer and barista who believes that education is a key factor in social development. He's lived in Australia for three years and is currently a business consultant in the hospitality market in Brazil.

São Paulo, Brazil

Gisselle Guerra
Account Manager & Staff Writer

Having grown up in a coffee-producing family in Honduras, Gisselle has a natural passion for coffee. When she isn't in her family's coffee shop or writing, she enjoys reading, learning new languages, and traveling.

Copán Ruinas, Honduras

Helena Brown

When not talking or writing about coffee, you’ll find her planning trips, out dancing with friends and probably practicing her Spanish.

London, UK

Henry Wilson

Henry loves coffee. He spends his days brewing it and his nights dreaming of it. Having trained as a pro barista in Quito, Ecuador, he knows his beans. He’s an IR and poli-sci graduate from Durham University. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, and having spent the last eight summers travelling, Henry is a nomad at heart – all he needs is his AeroPress and a backpack.

London, UK

Ivan Petrich
Digital Account Manager & Staff Writer

Ivan is a former barista who's passionate about coffee. Having fled the big city, you'll find him living in the heart of Bahia Estate in Brazil. Ivan is interested in the entire coffee supply chain from seed to cup, and he's always interested in learning new things.

Vale do Capão, Brazil

Janice Kanniah

Janice is a writer and editor who lives in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She enjoys learning more about coffee and where it comes from, and she learns something new every day.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Julio Guevara
Social Media & Events Director

Julio's passion for coffee, social media, and agricultural engineering combines in his work at Perfect Daily Grind. He embraces the impact that the coffee industry can have all around the globe, knowing that a cup of coffee can provoke great changes.

San Salvador, El Salvador

Laura Fornero
PDG Español Translator & Digital Account Manager & Events

Laura is a keen traveler with a passion for coffee and learning about different cultures. She believes that breaking down language barriers, sharing information, and connecting people is key to helping communities grow.

Córdoba Region, Argentina

Maria José Parra
PDG Español Editor

A Colombian Food Studies professional with a background in different areas of the coffee industry, Maria José believes that education is key to achieving a sustainable coffee supply chain. She enjoys cooking, reading and outdoor activities.

Turin, Italy.

Nicholas Yamada
Relationship Manager

Nicholas wants to generate a positive impact within the coffee industry, and he believes that quality education, from farm to cup, is the best pathway to achieve this.

São Paulo, Brazil.

Sandra Sousa
PDG Brasil Translator

With a background in law, Sandra is passionate about words. She strives to use them to shorten the distance between writers and readers. Just like a good cup of coffee that brings people together.

Texas, USA

Santiago Muñoz
Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer and visual storyteller, Santiago enjoys sharing the world with others through his eyes. He loves coffee and being Colombian, wants to help bring more awareness to specialty coffee in his home country.

Medellin, Colombia.

Tanya Newton
Editorial Consultant

Tanya loves a good story. Yet when she's not writing, editing, or engrossed in a book, she likes to spend her time traveling.


Tatiana Calderón
PDG Español Translator

Tatiana is a Translator and Interpreter with a marketing background who hails from Chile. She enjoys sharing different realities through the art of words and photography, and of course, loves coffee.