November 26, 2015

Barista Tutorials: How to Dial in Your Grinder in 3 Videos


A common question which arises is – how do you dial in or set up your coffee grinder? These three videos explain how to adjust the fineness or coarseness of the grind size in order to extract the perfect espresso. These principles can also be applied to home baristas who are brewing filter coffee such as V60, AeroPress or Kalita.

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Take-home message: It can be a messy and time consuming process. When dialling in your coffee grinder, keep all other variables consistent (tamping pressure, grams of coffee, coffee beans, portafilter type etc). 


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Take-home message: When adjusting the grind size, ensure you purge the coffee that is trapped between the grinding burrs and the dosing chamber.


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Take-home message: The key variables you should consider when dialling in your grinder are grind size, dose and tamping pressure.


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Feature Photo Credit: Scott Schiller

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