February 5, 2016

Soy Sauce? Dishwasher Soap? 3 Money Saving #LatteArt Hacks


To the untrained eye, one’s ability (or lack thereof) to create aesthetically pleasing latte art is the measuring stick of a barista (love it or hate it).

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OK, so with that in mind, you want to be able to woo your customers with jaw-dropping works of latte art, but the problem with honing your craft is that you don’t have an inexhaustible supply of milk, nor do you want to be wasteful. What to do?

These three videos provide some extremely economical yet effective hacks to practice your latte art all day until the cows come home (see what we did there?). For mere pennies you can become the next pouring Picasso with each carefully crafted drink as your canvas!  

Top latte art tip:  Train at home using a french press and some coffee grounds (no espresso required)

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Top latte art tip: practice latte art using liquid dish soap (washing up liquid)

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Top latte art tip: practice latte art using liquid dish soap and soy sauce?

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Feature Photo Credit: @smedleyshots

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