February 27, 2017

Coffee Roasting Basics: A VIDEO Explanation of Turning Point


Turning point, turnaround, delta point… whatever you call it, budding coffee roasters need to understand this concept. It affects the entire roast. It’s key to manipulating the final profile. It reveals attributes of your coffee.

So what is it, why does it happen, and how can you use it? Read on to find out.

What Is Turning Point & Why Does It Matter?

The turning point is the first big change in your roast profile. It’s when the heat stops falling, and starts increasing instead. And although your roast may have only just started, when this happens you’ve already established how the entire roast will continue.

So we scoured the web to find a video tutorial on turning point. Watch as Joe and Dave of Mill City Roasters get into the science of coffee roasting – and explains how to practically use that knowledge.

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