July 5, 2017

VIDEO: Ever Heard of Cold Brew Chocolate?


What happens when you mix specialty coffee brewing methods with cacao? Cold brew chocolate!

In this video from Jame Oliver’s Drinks Tube, Mike Cooper shares his recipe for cold brew chocolate. It’s geared towards the average home user rather than the third wave specialist, and this is reflected in his equipment: kitchen towel and sieves for filters, for example. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t use your coffee filters for a more effective, and easier, brewing process.

How to Make Cold Brew Chocolate

The recipe? 250ml coarsely ground cacao nibs, 750 ml filtered water, a little agitation, and then 24 hours of immersion before filtering. Cooper also shares several recommendations for additives, including honey, maple syrup, agave, spices, nuts, and milk.

Watch the video below to find out more:

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Feature photo credit: Jamie Oliver Drinks Tube via YouTube

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