June 6, 2017

VIDEO: Want Great Coffee? Control Your Brew Temperature


Freshly ground coffee: check. The best grind size for your brewing method: check. A recipe that monitors dosage and time: check. What’s missing?

Water temperature.

The water temperature you use can drastically change the final flavour in the cup. In other words, if you want to make great coffee, you need to master this. So let’s get started.

Is There a “Correct” Water Temperature?

Is there one brew temperature you should be aiming for? Yes… and no. The truth is that it’s more of a range. Where you aim for on that range should depend on your coffee and your preferred coffee flavour profile.

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Adjusting Brew Temperature to Taste

So now we know the range, how do you adjust it to suit your tastes? As this video from Whole Latte Love explains, if the coffee’s bitter you should use a cooler temperature. If it’s sour, increase the heat a little.

You may be aware that dark roasts often taste more bitter than light roasts. So if you’ve bought a coffee that’s a little darker than usual, you can opt for cooler water. And for a lighter roast, you may want a hotter temperature.

Find out more in the video:

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How to Measure Water Temperature 

So now we know the importance of water temperature, how do you measure it? Roasty Coffee has some tips for you.

(Note that they’ve chosen to use the upper limit of the brew temperature range as their ideal.)

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Feature photo credit: Ana Valencia

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