March 7, 2017

VIDEO: Adults Try Coffee for The Very First Time. It’s Bad.


You might wonder where in the world you’d have to look to find adults who have never, ever tried coffee. But for YouTube channel FACTS., it appears quite easy: just go to Ireland. More importantly, FACTS. decided to serve up different coffees for these coffee virgins and record their responses.

The consensus? Coffee’s bitter, but mocha’s delicious. Now we could probably have all guessed that would be the result – especially if these people are drinking commodity instead of specialty. But what does this tell us?

  1. Watching people drink coffee for the first time is hilarious. Seriously.
  2. There’s a reason people ask for sugar in their coffee. Coffee’s an acquired taste, and most people have past experiences of it being bitter and unpleasant.

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Feature photo credit: Facts.

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