April 2, 2019

A Specialty Coffee Shop Tour of Berlin, Germany


Germany’s capital city of Berlin is a fascinating cultural hub that has something for everyone. Come here for sophisticated restaurants and cutting edge architecture or all-night parties and controversial street art. Explore decadent historical landmarks or improvised galleries.

Home to a large international community and a laidback atmosphere, Berlin has embraced specialty coffee. Both independent cafés and roasteries are thriving here. Let’s take a look at some of the coffee shops that stand out from the crowd.

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Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Bonanza Coffee Roasters Roastery and Café. Credit: Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Why These Five?

There is an almost overwhelming number of good cafés in Berlin, but I chose these ones for their dedication to quality, both in coffee and customer service. These cafés have great atmosphere and excellent choice of locally roasted and international coffees.

1. Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Opened in 2006, this roastery and café was without a doubt one of the pioneers in Berlin’s specialty coffee scene. They bring out the best of their beans with light roasts and serve the results in a bright, minimalist space hidden in a backyard in hip and lively Kreuzberg. With white walls, oak panels, and plenty of plants, this is a relaxing spot to sample filter coffee, espresso-based drinks, and delicious pastries. They also have what is arguably Berlin’s best hot chocolate.

Bonanza Coffee Roasters

 Bonanza Coffee Roasters from the outside. Credit: Bonanza Coffee Roasters

WhereAdalbertstraße 70, 10999
AtmosphereWelcoming and relaxed
Espresso MachineSlayer single group, La Marzocco Linea PB
GrinderVictoria Arduino Mythos, Mahlkoenig EK43, Mahlkoenig Peak
Coffee OfferingsEspresso-based drinks and pour overs
Must-Try DrinkBatch Brew 
Retail OfferingsHouse-roasted beans
Food & Other DrinksPastries and delicious hot chocolate
Nearby SightsArtsy Kreuzberg is home to many bars, restaurants, and underground cultural venues. Check out nearby Markthalle Neun, an international food market.
Bonanza Coffee Roasters

The interior of Bonanza Coffee Roasters in  Kreuzberg. Credit: Bonanza Coffee Roasters

2. Kaffee 9

Located in the entrance of the Markthalle Neun food market, this café and roastery is a favourite with locals. It has grown in size in recent years, but owner Philipp Reichel remains true to his vision. Through their drinks, events, and workshops Kaffee 9 aims to give their customers a better understanding of coffee. From Thursday to Saturday, it’s open until 10 pm, which makes it a great venue to meet friends.

Kaffee 9

A coffee with milk at Kaffee 9. Credit: Sabine Wanka

WhereEisenbahnstraße 43, 10997
AtmosphereCasual and relaxed
Espresso MachineLa Marzocco Linea PB
Grinder2 Mythos One, Mahlkönig EK43
Coffee OfferingsEspresso-based drinks, batch brew
Must-Try DrinkBatch brew
Retail OfferingsHome-roasted beans
Food & Other DrinksSandwiches, pastries
Nearby SightsMarkthalle Neun is an attraction in its own right. Step inside for international food and a lively atmosphere. Görlitzer Park is nearby and the area is home to many bars and restaurants.

3. The Barn

The Barn is one of the best-known specialty coffee roasteries in Berlin and their single origin beans are sold worldwide. The Café Kranzler location is one of my favourite coffee shops in the western part of Berlin.  When the sun is out you can sit on the terrace and take a break from busy city life to watch people pass by.

In addition to delicious pour overs and espresso-based drinks, they offer a changing monthly signature drink. One highlight signature drink included espresso, salted butter, raspberry jam, and little bit of milk. The staff members are always well-informed on the origins and profile of everything they serve.

man drinking coffee at the barn in berlin

Consumer drinking coffee at The Barn in Berlin. Credit: The Barn

WhereKurfürstendamm 18, 10719 Berlin
Espresso MachineMAVAM
GrinderVictoria Arduino Mythos ONE, Mahlkönig EK43
Coffee OfferingsPour overs, espresso-based drinks, cold brew in summer
Must-Try DrinkChanging monthly signature drink
Retail OfferingsHouse-roasted beans from various origins
Food & Other DrinksSandwiches, baked goods
Nearby SightsThe famous boulevard of Kurfürstendamm with its many shops. Major public square, Breitscheidplatz. Bikinihaus shopping complex with views of the Berlin Zoo.
barista brewing coffee in a v60

A barista brewing a V60 at The Barn. Credit: The Barn

4. Five Elephant

This relaxed combination of roastery, café and bakery is like a second home for me. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked croissants makes you happy to spend some time in the small spot between Görlizter Park and the Landwehrkanal. The coffee is consistently ranked among the best in Berlin and the cakes are just as good. Try the cheesecake with your pour over.

espresso based drinks

Espresso-based drinks at Five Elephant, Kreuzberg location. Credit: Sabine Wanka

WhereReichenberger Str. 101, 10999 Berlin
AtmosphereWelcoming and relaxed
Espresso MachineLa Marzocco Linea PB
GrinderMahlkonig K30
Coffee OfferingsEspresso-based drinks, pour overs
Must-Try DrinkPour-over
Retail OfferingsHouse-roasted coffee beans
Food & Other DrinksCakes and pastries
Nearby SightsGörlitzer Park, the artsy neighbourhood of Kreuzberg.


Bar at Five Elephant, Mitte location. Credit: Magnus Pettersson for Five Elephant

5. Röststätte

In addition to their main location at Ackerstraße 173, well-regarded roasters Röststätte opened a second café location at Hackesche Höfe in 2018. Located in a backyard, it’s a great place to sit back and take a break from the bustle of the city. As well as filter coffee and espresso-based drinks, they serve delicious coffee cocktails. Come here for a delicious cold brew in the summer before exploring the many theatres, cinemas, and bars in the neighbourhood.

bottle cold brew served in a glass

Bottled cold brew at Röststätte. Credit: Sabine Wanka

WhereRosenthaler Straße 40-41, Hackesche Höfe, 10178
Espresso MachineVictoria Arduino
GrinderVictoria Arduino Mythos ONE
Coffee OfferingsEspresso based drinks, pour over
Must-Try DrinkCoffee cocktails
Retail OfferingsHome-roasted beans
Food & Other DrinksCakes, pastries
Nearby SightsUNESCO heritage site Museumsinsel, Berliner Dom cathedral, bars and theatres.

Front view of Röststätte, Ackerstrassse location. Credit: Tai Lueckerath for Röststätte

Berlin is a rapidly changing city and its coffee scene is no exception. New cafés and roasteries are opening all the time here. But the competition just keeps standards of quality and service high.

These five coffee shops have demonstrated their ability to thrive in a competitive scene, so if you’re visiting Berlin for a holiday or plan to stay for longer, make sure to visit at least one of them.

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All views within this opinion piece belong to the guest writer, who is a local of Berlin, and do not reflect Perfect Daily Grind’s stance.

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