June 28, 2017

This Coffee Cup Is Made From Coffee Husks & It’s Beautiful


What if being more eco-friendly was as simple as buying a different cup? That was the idea behind Huskee, a new range of cups made out of husk, a coffee production byproduct. It recently launched on Kickstarter and we decided to find out more.

Huskee cup

The Huskee cup. Credit: Huskee

What Is Husk & Why Does It Matter?

Coffee “beans” are the seeds of berries, which are normally referred to as “coffee cherries”. And around these seeds are several layers of fruit. The husk, or parchment, is a thin layer directly round the bean. In coffee production, it is discarded.

But while the husk may be small in size, the waste can soon build up.

Huskee calculates that 3 kilos of waste husk are created every year per consumer. And annually, they claim, this adds up to 1.35 million tonnes.

While we can’t reduce the amount of husk, what we can do is find a new use for it.

The Huskee Cup – Designed For Coffee

The Huskee isn’t just designed to be good for the planet. It’s also been created with coffee shops in mind.

The cups comes in 6, 8, and 12 oz sizes. They retain heat, are contoured for milk pouring, and designed to be easily stacked in coffee shops. Not only are they reusable but they’re also recyclable (great news if you break one). And there’s no denying that they’re stylish.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen cups made out of coffee byproducts – Kaffeeform, for example, is made out of used coffee grounds. But it’s great to see entrepreneurs looking at waste products at all stages of the coffee supply chain.

Watch the Huskee Kickstarter video to find out more:

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