January 11, 2017

From Kopi C to Chemex: 3 VIDEOS on Malaysia’s Coffee Scene


Cafe Malaysia 2017 kicks off tomorrow, and so we thought we’d take a look at the Malaysian coffee scene – from the traditional kopi to the growing number of third wave shops popping up.

Traditional Malaysian Kopi

Malaysian coffee is known as kopi. But how do you make it? You’ll need some condensed milk, coffee, and a sock filter.

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There’s more than one type of kopi, however. You get kopi, kopi c, kopi o, kopi kosong, and kopi gau. (Not to mention the teas: teh c, teh o, teh kosong… you get the idea.) Since Singapore and Malaysia are so close – they were the same country between 1963 and 1965 – you can also order these drinks in Singapore.

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Third Wave Malaysia

While Malaysia’s traditional coffee shops (kopitiam) continue to thrive, specialty coffee is also growing in popularity. More and more third wave cafes are opening in this Southeast Asian country – as you can see in this video on Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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Feature photo credit: The Silent Tiger

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