April 3, 2017

Latte Milk Frothing: Why You Shouldn’t Use Scalding Hot Milk


An extra hot latte? No, thank you. When you order a milk-based espresso drink – like a latte or cappuccino – you really don’t want the milk to be too hot.

Sure, your drink will be hot for longer. And sure, filter coffee or espresso comes pretty hot. But if you steam your milk too much, you can say goodbye to sweetness.

Find out more in this video article, with video content produced by Whole Latte Love.

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Why Shouldn’t You Steam Milk Too Much?

Mike and Morgan kick us off with an explanation of why overly hot milk is bad for your coffee. As they point out, baristas and consumers can share some of the responsibility here. Don’t ask for extra hot lattes, and (unless instructed by your boss) don’t serve them unless asked.

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How Can I Train Myself to Not Scald Milk?

So, if you’re a new barista, how can you make sure you don’t burn your milk? With a little help from a milk thermometer. And Whole Latte Love have some handy tips for doing just that.

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