August 30, 2016

ROKPresso: A VIDEO Guide to Manual Espresso Makers


If you can’t decide what you love more, espresso-based drinks or manual brewing, a lever machine may be the option for you. These beautiful tools will create deliciously smooth espressos without any electricity at all – and what’s more, they’ll look great on your kitchen worktop.

Unlike traditional espresso machines, water is pushed through the ground coffee not by pressing buttons but by using your own strength. An AeroPress is a more unusual application of this. A more common one would be a lever-based machine, like the ROK Espresso Maker. See it in action here, courtesy of Otten Coffee:

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Some would argue that using a manual espresso machine is more effort; others would argue that it’s worth it. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Feature photo credit: Otten Coffee

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