September 13, 2016

VIDEO: Introducing La Prosperidad de Chirinos, a Peruvian Cooperative


Located high in the Andes in northwestern Peru, the district of Chirinos promises high-quality coffee. And coffee cooperative La Prosperidad de Chirinos do their best to deliver.

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How Does La Prosperidad de Chirinos Support Producers?

The cooperative has been supporting hundreds of local producers and families since 1968. They focus on education, sustainability, and women.

A high investment in training and technology results in as many as five selective harvests a year, as well as the use of organic fertiliser – pachakushi – that’s produced from the pulp. And although la roya, coffee leaf rust, caused problems for the region, the cooperative worked hard to find natural ways to mitigate against it.

As many as 30% of the members are also female farmers. By prioritising training the younger generation, including young women, they ensure that these trends will continue.

What’s more, financial support in the form of loans and credit benefits male and female members alike.

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This video from Colectivo Coffee looks at the farm of Juan Lizana, one of the members of La Prosperidad de Chirinos. In doing so, it shines a spotlight on the impact the cooperative is having on the local coffee industry.

Feature photo credit: Colectivo Coffee

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