January 20, 2017

VIDEO: Introducing South Africa’s Thriving Third Wave


Cape Town might not be the new Portland just yet, but South Africa’s specialty coffee scene is growing – and fast. Find out more about it in today’s video article.

Say Hello to South Africa’s Specialty Scene

Traditionally a tea-drinking country, more and more coffee shops are popping up across South Africa. And that includes specialty ones. TrueNorthMediaZA takes a look at how the country’s third wave scene is developing.

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Why Is Specialty Growing in South Africa?

VOA News interviews industry leaders to find out the reasons for third wave’s new popularity. They find an increasing interest in origin and terroir – as well as a plain old thirst for good coffee.

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So will South Africa be the next big place in specialty coffee? Let us know your thoughts!

Feature photo credit: TrueNorthMediaZA

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