September 9, 2016

How to Make Your Own Moka Pot Out of Scrap Metal: A VIDEO Guide


Fancy yourself a dab hand at DIY? Or just feeling adventurous? This Old Tony’s handmade espresso/moka pot is a thing of beauty. And while it’s not a quick or easy project, for those of us with the skills and equipment to make it, it’s time well spent.

Plus there’s the cool factor of using a blow torch as a stove.

How to Make Your Own Moka Pot

This video guide takes you through all the steps, giving precise and detailed advice on creating each part of your new hand-crafted coffee brewer. Not to mention that watching Tony cut through metal is mesmerising.

Even if you’re not planning to make your own, we recommend checking out the beginning of the clip just for its detailed breakdown of how a moka pot works.

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You’ll need some scrap steel, a fully kitted out metalworking shop, and a lot of patience. But you’ll get a whole load of respect, not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that you didn’t just make your morning coffee – you hewed your coffee maker out of steel. And it tastes great.

Feature photo credit: This Old Tony

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