May 10, 2017

Cascara Sorbet & Other Inventive Cascara Desserts


Who says cascara has to be a tea? The dried fruit of the coffee cherry, we’re used to seeing it served in third wave coffee shops as an infusion. But some coffee shops and professionals have also been experimenting with using it in desserts – and they look simply delectable. Here are some of our favourites.

Cascara Sorbet

Mad Espresso Team – home to Vasiliy Ladygin, Russia Brewers Cup Champion 2013, and Irina Sharipova, three-time St. Petersburg Barista Champion – has teamed up with gelateria DiNeve to create a cascara sorbet. They tells us it’s mainly cascara, lemon juice, and sugar, with no added preservatives. The final touch? It’s garnished with a sprinkling of caramel-espresso crumbs. Delicious!

Versión en Español: Sorbete de Cáscara y Otros Postres Creativos

cascara sorbet and plant

Mad Espresso’s cascara sorbet. Credit: Mad Espresso

Cascara Butter

Ever tried cascara butter? This delicious spread is served up over at Blue Bottle, where they mix a cascara syrup with soft butter and spread it over toasted sourdough. We’re salivating at the thought. Goodbye avocado toast, hello cascara toast.

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Cascara Chocolate

Of course, if you fancy something that little bit more indulgent than a light sorbet or coating of butter, you could make your own cascara chocolate – recipe courtesy of James Hoffman. It mixes 1 part sugar to 2 parts cocoa butter and 2 parts cascara for a dessert that’s setting off all our cravings. Hoffman also recommends that you try different cascaras for different flavour profiles.

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Feature photo credit: Mad Espresso

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