August 18, 2016

The Film Asking If Teaching Children to Farm Can Stop Gang Crime


Honduras has the world’s highest murder rate. In 2014, it was found to be the most violent country not at war. an Pedro Sula has the second-highest murder rate of all the world’s cities. In 2015, the Honduran President Juan Orlándo Hernandez claimed – although there are doubts over how it was calculated – that as much as 80% of Hondura’s crime was gang-related.

One Honduran group is trying to change these statistics – by teaching children how to think and how to farm. They call this La Finca Humana, the human farm. Children are taught their alphabet alongside lessons on planting organic seedlings and raking coffee cherries. And, most importantly, they are consistently reminded of “analysis, observation, innovation, and invention”.

Because La Finca Humana believe that thinking, rather than just memorising, will help children to choose security over violence, farming over crime.

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Want to find out more? A documentary on the La Finca Humana movement, filmed by Brian Olsen, premieres next month. It also features the coffee cooperative Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA).

Watch the short trailer here:

Film Screenings

Here are September the screening dates and locations as they stand currently. Please note that some of them have not been confirmed yet.

Sat 10.09 All day Berlin La Finca Humana | BunnyMission Sonne über Berlin Festival Workshop, film, tasting, discussion
Sat 10.09 9pm Bora | Sweden La Finca Humana | BunnyMission Picnic, kick off UN-Week ONLINE discussion via Skype
Mon 12.09 8:15pm Berlin La Finca Humana | Flying Roasters Lichtblick cinema Film, discussion, tasting
13-18.09 TBC Berlin Berlin Art Week TBC TBC
Tue 13.09 Afternoon Berlin La Finca Humana | BunnyMission | Flying Roasters Prinzessinnengärten Film, discussion, tasting, workshop
Wed 14.09 7pm Berlin La Finca Humana ACUDKino | Kino Global | DCP-Format Film, discussion
Thurs 15.09 TBC Berlin? HH? TBC TBC TBC
Fri 16.09 TBC HH, Sweden, Luxemburg? TBC TBC TBC
Fri 16.09 TBC Berlin? HH? TBC TBC TBC
16-30.09 TBC TBC Faire Woche (FairTrade) TBC TBC
Sat 17.09 5pm Hamburg La Finca Humana | Quijote Kaffee 3001 Kino Film, discussion, tasting
Tue 20.09 7pm Saarb La Finca Humana Lateinamerikazirkel/ Attac Saar Film, discussion
Wed 21.09 12-12:45 Saarb TBC Department of the Environment Focus on cooperative, discussion
Wed 21.09 TBC Saarb La Finca Humana Filmhaus Saarbrücken Film, discussion
Thurs 22.09 8-10:00 Dillingen La Finca Humana Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium Film, discussion
Thurs 22.09 13:30-15 Illingen La Finca Humana Illtal-Gymnasium (school) Film, discussion
Fri 23.09 8:00-10 St. Ingbert La Finca Humana Leibniz Gymnasium (at the Civic Center) Film, discussion
Fri 23.09 11:00-13 St. Ingbert La Finca Humana BBZ (educational centre) Film, discussion

Can’t make it to any of these screenings? View the extended trailer below:

Feature photo credit: La Finca Humana, Brian Olsen

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