May 9, 2016

The Tetra Drip: A Brewing Device that Fits in Your Pocket – In 2 VIDEOS


You love drip coffee. But you also love travelling. And let’s face it, your Chemex isn’t exactly going to fit in your hand luggage. The Tetra Drip, on the other hand, could fit in your pocket.

This Japanese brewing device is less than 1 mm thin and smaller than a passport. Made of three stainless steel pieces that lock together, it’s a stylish and minimalist drip brewer that you can take anywhere. And it uses V60/Kono filters, making it even more convenient.

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So how does it work? Watch the demo here:

But what about all the other equipment? If you want to brew on the move, you’d need to bring your own portable grinder or pre-ground beans. As of such, some might prefer something like the Cafflano Klassic (an all-in-one brewer). However, the Tetra Drip is significantly cheaper – and significantly smaller! – making it a viable alternative for those happy to carry two pieces of equipment rather than one.

See how one camper made their morning brew with it here:

Feature photo credit: Tetra Drip

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