May 27, 2016

Should You Visit Cow Origin? A VIDEO Exploration of Milk


If you love coffee, then you need to care about your milk. Is it sustainably sourced? Is it specialty? Has your barista been to cow origin?

Gone are the days were “full fat” or “soy” will suffice. Now we want to know where our milk comes from, what cupping score it received, and how our purchase is helping farming communities.

To find out how truly amazing a visit to cow origin can be, watch one woman’s trip to the world of dairy. (Warning: this film contains humour. Viewer discretion is advised.)

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Okay, okay, we jest.

But let’s get serious for a moment here, guys: milk actually is important. It’s one of only three ingredients making up your latte, meaning it really does have a significant impact on the final cup. So if you actually want to learn about picking the right moo-juice for your coffee, check out Coffee Science: Everything You Need to Know About Milk.

Feature photo: RecoSymposium, Nathan Slabaugh

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