January 3, 2017

VIDEO: How to Cook With Coffee


Ever finish a cup of coffee and think it just wasn’t enough? You could reach for those beans again… or you could try putting a dash of specialty in your food.

Freshly ground coffee can act as a spice, adding more flavour to meals. Chocolatey Brazilians can bring extra richness to a beef casserole, while sweet, acidic Kenyans can give your food a lighter taste. Darker roasts create a smoky profile.

We’ve gathered some simple video recipes to start you off with, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Look at your flavour wheel or coffee bag label, and match the notes with complementary ingredients. Bon appétit!

Coffee Rubs

A coffee rub won’t just add an extra kick of flavour to your meat. It’ll also tenderise it. This video from RecipeTVPh mixes ground coffee with a variety of different spices, but remember that you can always adapt the recipe to create your own.

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Coffee Marinade

For those who like to plan ahead, marinating food in coffee is another excellent option. This video from Hy-Vee demonstrates how to make a sweet coffee molasses marinade. Those who prefer their food a little more savoury might want to consider switching some of the sugar and molasses for other ingredients, such as soy sauce, chilli, or vinegar.

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Feature photo credit: Hy-Vee

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