October 20, 2016

Income Diversification: A VIDEO Guide to Raising Quails


Income diversification is key for many smallholder coffee farmers. It boosts their income and ensures that, even when in the months before harvest, there’s a steady source of revenue.

And when 80% of the world’s coffee is produced by smallholder farmers, that means a significant number of producers are looking to other avenues: bananas, rice, chickens… and even quails.

In fact, in many places, quails are preferred to chicken as they are easier and cheaper to raise.

How to Raise Quails

Joel Marshall looks at basic quail care, from the coop to the feed (mealworms, greens, and a mixture of commercial feed, chia seeds, and quinoa). He also contrasts them to chickens, noting that they grow faster – making them a good source of alternative income and food.

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As for cleaning them, they’re a coffee-lover’s dream. Dust baths remove oils, debris, dry skin and more – and for Shane Genziuk’s quails, there’s no better dust bath than a coffee grounds bath.

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Feature photo credit: Joel Marshall

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