April 1, 2016

VIDEO: April Fools’ Prank – “I Didn’t Add Anything to Your Coffee”


Happy April Fools’ Day!

Being as nice as we are here at Perfect Daily Grind, we decided NOT to pull an April Fools’ trick on you. (I know, aren’t we lovely?)

But if you’re looking to surprise some of your friends and family, we thought we’d give you a little coffee-themed inspiration.  Starting with the reminder that sometimes the best way to freak people out… is to simply do nothing at all.

Watch how Jimmy Kimmel Live took full advantage of that last year:

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Of course, you could also go to the opposite extreme, and set up an elaborate prank like this one. While it might be too expensive and time-consuming for the average person, it’s certainly effective:

Unrealistic, you say? You should see how I reacted last time someone spilled my 90+ Geisha

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Feature Photo Credit: Carrie NYC

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