January 9, 2017

VIDEO: How Important Is Crema?


Crema: the quintessential sign of an espresso. But is it more crema de la crema or a big fat lie? In today’s video article, we look at what crema really tells you about your drink – and why consumers continue to value it.

What Is Crema?

Crema, as Amber from Seattle Coffee Gear explains, is a mixture of carbon dioxide, pressure, and melanoidins (a byproduct of the Maillard reaction). Coffees with less oil produce great-looking crema, which is why Robusta is a common part of an espresso blend.

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How Important Is Crema?

Charles Babinski of G&B Coffee and Scott Callender of La Marzocco set out to dispel some myths. And the biggest one of these is that great-looking crema equals a great-quality coffee.

It’s worth noting that, although Robusta is being used in this video as evidence that bad-quality coffees can produce great crema, there is a growing interest in fine Robustas.

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The Placebo Effect

 So if crema doesn’t mean a coffee will be good, and it doesn’t even taste good, why do we care about it? Because customers care about it. In fact, a study by Nespresso showed that people will judge coffees without crema as weaker in taste.

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Feature photo credit: Whole Latte Love

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