December 16, 2015

Ultimate Coffee Santa’s Wishlist – Level 2: Under the Tree


Did you miss us? We’re back, just like we promised—and with all of the stuff you or the coffee geek in your life wants needs this Christmas.

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Feel free to casually print out this article and leave it at your parents’ house or open on the computer for your significant other to see. If you’re reading this as a result of the previous tactics, kindly disregard.   


You can never go wrong with a classic. There’s a reason this beautiful, effective pour over method has remained a favorite throughout all the waves of coffee (besides the fact that it was designed by an actual chemist)—it works. Plus, it comes in a variety of sizes including three, six, eight, and ten cup! If someone on your list is a coffee aficionado and doesn’t own a Chemex, get them one—now.

chemex coffee maker


iced chemex coffeeCredit:

Hario Copper V60 (2 Cup)

Speaking of classics, the Hario V60 is definitely not new to the market. But ever since it’s release, this copper version of the time-tested classic has been a source of envy among coffee geeks. Can you blame them (us)? It’s gorgeous!

copper v60


hario copper vsixty


Yama Glass 5 Cup Tabletop Syphon

There is literally no such thing as “too many coffee brewing devices.” And yes, I understand the definition of the word literally. The syphon, also known as a “vacuum brewer,” is most definitely on the wish list of any coffee geek who is yet to own one.  Syphons come in many shapes, sizes, and prices, but this Yama tabletop version is a happy medium and is even used in coffee shops. They’re typically recommended for experienced coffee brewers as they can one of the more difficult methods. But hey, who are we to tell you what to do?

syphon vacpot coffee brewer

Credit: Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea

Fellow Products’ Stagg Kettle

Say what! A thermometer on a kettle? Uhmm, yes! The good people at Fellow Products not only included a built-in thermometer, but they took the the time to highlight the SCAA’s recommended brew temperature for more convenient brewing. AND the handle is designed as a counter weight to provide more consistent (and comfortable) pours.  The Stagg Kettle is even gas, electric, and induction range compatible.* It isn’t just pretty, it gets the job done! Bang is correct.
*It should be noted that the matte black kettle is not induction range compatible.

stagg kettle

Credit: Fellow Products

Acaia Lunar™

Also known as “the barista-proof scale,” the Acaia Lunar is THE coffee toy (slash essential)  that everyone is talking about. Your eyes are not deceiving you in the image below—that is scalding hot espresso being intentionally spilled pulled on the Lunar. Yup, it’s waterproof. Acaia is even offering a 2-year water damage warranty to back up it’s claim. But the Lunar scale is so much more than liquid-tolerant glory because it makes for wonderful coffee.

waterproof acaia lunar

Credit: @timjcoffee

acaia lunar coffee


Baratza Virtuoso

Baratza is one of those companies within the coffee world that automatically conjure thoughts of quality. The Virtuoso is no exception to their history of excellence. Just in case you didn’t know, not all coffee grinders are built the same. In fact, a good grinder is often one of the most overlooked (but crucial) steps to preparing a great cup of coffee. And the Virtuoso, with its 40mm conical burr grinders, 40 different grind settings, and DC motor, is sure to satisfy. I feel it’s necessary to note that a shirtless man is unfortunately not included with the grinder. (I know, false advertisement.)

baratza virtuoso


Baratza Virtuoso

Credit: Four Barrel Coffee

Panama Stainless Steel- Zassenhaus Grinder 041064

Like I said, not all grinders are built the same. This can be especially true when it comes to hand grinders. Hand grinders are notoriously known for being “less than ideal”—primarily due to inconsistency issues.  Yet Zassenhaus’ 041064 can be considered an exception to that rule. This grinder offers various grind settings and two separate drive shaft support locations which provide for a consistent grind. Plus, it travels well! It’s perfect for the coffee geek on the go.

Panama Stainless Steel- Zassenhaus Grinder 041064 coffee



Matt Perger is known for pioneering movements within the specialty coffee community, so one he partnered up with Pullman Tampers, coffee geeks around the world rejoiced. The Pergtamp claims to be second to none for use with VST espresso baskets. It’s designed to significantly improve many of espresso’s key variables: extraction, consistency, ergonomics, cleanliness, and taste. If you care at all  about a barista in your life who pulls shots on VST espresso baskets, wrap this up and give it to them.

perg tamper

Credit: @WorldCoffeeShops

Motta Pitcher (Color Coated)

I mentioned in the last Coffee Geek Wishlist article that aesthetics and coffee go together like cheese and crackers. So it’s no surprise that baristas want to have the coolest looking gear when making latte art. And nothing against stainless steel, but it’s just so generic. Help your favorite barista to stand out amongst the crowd with one of Motta’s colored pitchers, available in white, red, black, and orange.

motta pitcher


Artifact Bag Co. Canvas Apron

If you look good, you feel good. And with a wax canvas apron from Artifact Bag Co., the barista on your list is almost guaranteed to feel amazing—and hopefully give you free coffee as thanks. But seriously, not only does Artifact Bag Co. provide the highest quality materials, it’s designed for functionality. Check out all those pockets! These canvas aprons are also available in many different colors and styles.

Artifact Bag Co. Canvas Apron barista

Credit: Artifact Bag Co

Angels’ Cup Black Box Subscription (Blind Tasting)

Ok, I have to admit that this blind-tasting subscription is one of my personal favorites on this list. It’s not only unique but it allows for growth no matter where you are on the “coffee-geek scale.” When it comes to palate training, there is always room for growth. Angel’s Cup give you the opportunity to do so with its Black Box Coffee Subscription. Each box comes with 4 specialty-grade coffees that you are to (blindly) sample. Once you’ve sampled them, the numbers on the bottom of the bags will allow you to identify the coffees and test your results against roastmasters’ tasting notes. Gift this to anyone who loves growing their palate and appreciates flavor profiles. Three, six, and twelve-month subscription options available.

coffee subscription roaster


angels-cup-black-box Coffee Subscription


Coffee Cupping Kit

When it comes to palate growth, nothing beats the practice of cupping. It’s a ritual conducted by specialty grade and commercial grade coffee professionals alike. This coffee cupping kit, provided by Espresso Parts, comes equipped with everything you need for a cupping session—whether you’re a professional or an amateur. It includes porcelain cupping bowls, cupping spoons, cupping sample trays, coffee cuppers’ glass, cupping notecards, cupping spittoons, and a microfiber towel.

coffee cupping kit

Credit: Espresso Parts

Altieri Geisha Washed & Natural Box Set

We at Perfect Daily Grind try to encourage local coffee purchases as much as possible. But when it comes to coffee varieties, geishas are a bit more difficult to find. Considered to be one of the highest quality coffees on the market, they can range in price drastically (some reach $100 a pound)! So you can understand why receiving one as a gift would be a real treat. That’s why we have taken the liberty of introducing you to one of the most respected specialty coffee companies in the industry, Klatch Coffee. They provide a special geisha box set which includes two geishas from the famous Finca Stal S.A. in Panama. This natural recently received a 96 point coffee review rating. Seriously, go order some. One for you and one for whoever is on your list.

geisha coffee kit

Credit: Klatch Coffee

gesha coffee review

Credit: Klatch Coffee

Pour Over Stand

A coffee geek wish list wouldn’t be complete without a pour over stand. There are so many different wonderful options out there, it’s hard to decide which one to get. A lot of it depends upon brewing needs (i.e. number of pour over method capacity and pour over method used). But we’re currently loving this cement, cast-iron breaker stand. They were originally designed to hold beakers or crucibles over a bunsen burner in chemistry labs. Now, they have been repurposed for much more sophisticated science—C O F F E E. This pour over stand is compatible for use with funnel system pour over methods.

pour over stand

coffee barista pour over stand

Credit: Duskwood Place

Mini Thermocouple Thermometer

We’re already geeking it up, so we might as well test the temperature of the water while we’re at it. Just in case you are a coffee outsider and are here simply for gift ideas, let me tell you coffee is surprisingly scientific. I could spend days expounding on the importance of each step involved in creating a great cup. But I I’ll save you the lecture. Instead, I will just mention that water is the most important ingredient in coffee and that its temperature is crucial to the outcome—and that’s why there’s a thermometer on the list.

Mini Thermocouple Thermometer

Credit: Able Brewing

Alright coffee geeks, it’s not over yet. Actually, Level 2: Under the Tree is over. But the Ultimate Coffee Wishlist Level 3: Sheer Indulgence is on it’s way (tomorrow!). We’re sure that you’re going to want EVERYTHING on that list.

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