December 11, 2015

Ultimate Coffee Holiday Wishlist – Level 1: Stocking Filler


? Santa Baby, just slip a 90+ geisha under the tree for me… Santa baby, an Acaia scale too, in light blue… ?

Whether you’re dating a coffee geek, friends with one, or just so happen to be one, we’re pretty sure that this holiday season you’re wondering what coffee items you can snag.

It’s not easy buying for coffee enthusiasts. We’re a demanding bunch with a million and one gadgets. And woe betide those who can’t tell their commercial items apart from their specialty ones… Sometimes it’s just easier for them to keep it simple and get you a coffee travel mug (go here for more information on this) rather than buy you the wrong coffee equipment! If you’re thinking you may want to buy a personalized mug for yourself or a special someone, these photo mugs may be of interest to you.

We at Perfect Daily Grind know all too well that this struggle goes both ways. It can be just as hard for coffee geeks to express what exactly they want as gifts to those well-meaning family members who purchase “Extra Dark Roasted Beans” because they “know you drink black coffee.” I myself had to explain to people multiple times why I didn’t want a Keurig as a wedding gift. The struggle!

But no worries, because we’ve got you all covered with our ultimate wishlist. And since coffee gear ranges from “stocking stuffer” to “down payment on a house”, we’ve decided to separate our list into three different articles—starting with Level 1.

Level 1 is a great list to give to friends or to post on the wall of work and hope that your Secret Santa sees it.

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Homemade cold brew? Yes, please! First of all, cold brew is created using recipes rather than the special techniques required for pour overs—making this is an ideal gift for any coffee lover. Secondly, cold brew can be stored for up to 3 weeks! (Although 2 weeks is ideal.) Thirdly, you can brew it in larger batches which makes for easy sharing. So what’s not to like?

Toddy Cold Brew System


Kalita Wave Dripper

If you are “coffee oblivious” and just looking for a cool gift for a coffee geek in your life, get them this device. (Unless they already have it, then just keep scrolling—you’ll find something.) A new pour over method is always a good idea. Trust us. And the Kalita Wave Dripper 185 series works as a single-cup dripper or small batch brew. It’s an ideal gift as a first pour over device or an addition to a large manual brewing collection.

Kalita wave dripper


Kalita wave dripper


AeroPress Coffee Maker

Originally a company famous for its sales of “flying discs,” Aerobie quickly became a staple in the coffee industry after its invention of the AeroPress in 2005. True story.

Origins aside, the AeroPress is a great gift for seasoned coffee aficionados and newcomers alike. It works nicely as both a daily homebrewing routine and traveling device.



Aeropress brewing


Bonavita 1.0L Electric Kettle

Pour overs are almost impossible without a gooseneck kettle. They’re even more impossible without hot water. The good news is that you get both with Bonavita’s Electric Kettle.

Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for someone who has yet to own a gooseneck kettle, or someone who has to manually heat up water, an electric kettle will be highly appreciated. Bonavita also makes a similar, slightly more expensive kettle that allows for temperature variation.

bonavita electric kettle

bonavita coffee kettle


Chemex 10oz Glass Coffee Mug

The Chemex hourglass design is an iconic symbol. It can be found in television shows, movies, coffee shops, and homes all around the world. And needless to say, a mug in the shape of the coffee brewing device is pretty exciting. Get one for everyone on your list. You should probably buy one for yourself as well while you’re at it.

chemex coffee mugCredit:

Chemex Custom Collar Designs: Department of Brewology

Speaking of Chemex, these new custom collars from Department of Brewology might just make you the winner of gift giving. Why hasn’t anyone done this before? We don’t know and we don’t care. All that matters is that they’re here now.

CHEMEX department of brewology

CHEMEX department of brewology

Credit: Chase Daniel

JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

If you haven’t heard, glass is the way to go. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it’s the ideal material to drink coffee from as it transfers no “foreign tastes” to your drink of choice. JOCO makes coffee on-the-go easy with their reusable mugs. Plus, they come in 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz sizes—the standard for to-go cups.

Joco reusable cups
Joco reusable cups


Bag of Local Coffee

With all of these ways to make and drink coffee, we are missing just one miiiinor detail…THE COFFEE. Beans are a sure way to put a smile on someone’s face—and local coffee is even better.

Not sure what kind to get? Head on over to your neighborhood specialty coffee shop and ask a barista for their suggestions. Or just casually ask your favorite coffee geek what country of origin or process they prefer—and be ready for a thirty-minute conversation.

Drink local coffee

Credit: Augie’s Coffee

Leather Coffee Sleeve

Sometimes, coffee isn’t just about coffee—it’s about aesthetics. These mason jar sleeves from Cicada Leather Company are premium quality and make for great photographs. After all, coffee can’t really be appreciated unless everyone on Instagram appreciates it with you, right?

Leather coffee sleeve

Leather coffee sleeve

Credit: Cicada Leather Company

Cupping Spoon

Cupping is the universal practice for tasting and comparing coffees. It is the great equalizer. Plus, anyone can cup coffee, making it an excellent way to grow your palate. A personal cupping spoon is great as a singular gift or in combination with the cups below.

cupping spoon


cupping coffee


Coffee Cuppers Glass

Like I said, cupping is great. And these cupping glasses allow for personal cupping sessions. It’s best to purchase at least two at a time, since cupping is generally used to taste the differences in batches of coffee. The more the better!

cupping glass

Breaking the crust CUPPING


Fliquor Bean Coffee-Infused Whiskey

Yes, you read right—SPECIALTY COFFEE INFUSED WHISKEY. There are many products out there that are “made with coffee,” but you usually find that the coffee used is over-roasted and poor quality. Not the case here! Fliquor Bean is quality all around with their micro-batch whiskey and the use of specialty grade beans provided by Cafe Demitasse. Let’s be honest, this one sells itself.

whiskey infused coffee


Stumptown and Mast Brothers Chocolate Pairing Set

Like coffee, chocolate originates from a bean. So it’s not surprising that the cocoa bean can have distinct, complex flavors simply due to its roasting method and style. This pairing set from Stumptown makes a great gift for anyone who likes to test their palate. The chocolate itself includes Stumptown Coffee and should ideally be enjoyed with the included bag of coffee. And it comes in a cool gift box—can you say easy wrapping?

stumptown coffee and chocolate


mast-brothers chocolate


Everything But Espresso by Scott Rao

Coffee geeks love nothing more than to learn all they can about coffee. So it doesn’t get much better than a book from world-renowned coffee superstar Scott Rao. Everything but Espresso provides an incredibly thorough breakdown on all things filter coffee, making it a must for all serious coffee lovers.

everything but espresso

Specialty Coffee Merit Badges

Earlier I said coffee geeks love nothing more than to learn all they can about coffee—I lied. Coffee geeks actually love nothing more than to have their “coffee ego” stroked. Now that’s been made easy with these merit badges. There are roasting, full-immersion brewing, pour over, and latte art options available.

department of brewology badges

department of brewology badges

Credit: Chase Daniel

Any Department of Brewology Print

Department of Brewology is awesome and will absolutely not apologise for that. These beautiful prints look great on any office wall, coffee shop wall, or bedroom ceiling—who doesn’t want to see coffee first thing in the morning? Be sure to check out their website for a full list of print options, because there are a LOT.

department of brewology prints

department of brewology prints

Credit: Chase Daniel

“Insert Coffee To Begin” Women’s T-Shirt

What better way to honor someone’s love for coffee than by giving them a way to wear it? The love, we mean, not the coffee. That’s for drinking.

These adorable shirts from Nectar Clothing are a great gift for the female coffee geek in your life. (Not shopping for a woman but love the clothing idea? See below!)




Caffeine Addicted Men’s Shirt

It’s almost impossible to love coffee and not be addicted. Needless to say, this shirt is a very appropriate gift for the coffee lovers in your life.



Coffee Bean Necklace

Not sure what size she wears? That’s fine—buy a necklace instead of a shirt. Just look at these gorgeous options by Elli and Love.

Maybe you like the idea of jewlery but not necklaces. No problem. Have you ever searched the term “coffee jewelry” on Etsy? Let me tell you, you will not be disappointed.

coffeebean necklace coffeebean necklace gold

Credit: Ellie and Love

P&Co “Life Begins After Coffee” Iphone Case

Know someone with an iPhone? Then this case from P&Co. may just be the gift for them. After all, we’ve already established how important aesthetics are to enjoying coffee. The phone case will make coffee taste better. It’s science.

life begins after coffee phone case

Credit: P&Co.

That’s about it for level 1. We hope this list results in some great gifts. But wait, you want something a bit more substantial for the coffee lovers in your life? Well stay on the lookout for our next round of awesome coffee-related gear—level 2!

Edited by T. Newton.

Feature Photo Credit: Kurasu

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