October 21, 2020

Relaunching PDG Español: Custom Content For Spanish-Speaking Coffee Professionals


When we launched PDG Español in 2016, we did so to support coffee producers in Spanish-speaking countries. We saw the need for free and accessible educational content written in Spanish, and we launched the publication to meet it.

PDG Español celebrated its fourth anniversary a few months ago and now expects more than 2.5 million page views in the next 12 months. Its reach continues to amaze us, and we are beyond proud to have achieved this in just four short years.

However, as the knock-on effects from the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change continue to threaten the livelihoods of coffee producers across the world, the need for accessible information is greater than ever. 

As such, we are now relaunching PDG Español with a renewed focus on supporting coffee producers in Spanish-speaking Latin America. Read on to learn more about how we plan to do this and our work with PDG Español’s new Impact Partner, Mayorga Organics

For the original announcement, see here: Why We’re Launching PDG Español

A person visiting a coffee farm in Salvador, PDG Español

What Are We Doing?

With PDG Español, our mission is to develop and offer accessible educational resources for coffee producers and other Spanish-speaking coffee professionals.

To achieve this, we will soon be publishing a minimum of three original Spanish articles every week. Up until now, all content published on PDG Español was translated from the English website. 

By publishing original content in Spanish, written by Spanish-speaking writers who have expertise across the coffee supply chain, we can focus on topics that resonate with coffee producers.

We are also placing a renewed emphasis on interviewing coffee supply chain experts who are from Spanish-speaking Latin America. This is an area of the world which is uniquely rich in coffee sector expertise; by leveraging that expertise, we believe we can support the supply chain in a completely new way.

Original Spanish articles will be customised, relevant, objective, and ultimately informed by reader feedback. We want to be able to provide our audience with the content they need at the time they need it; we recognise, for example, that articles about coffee production are more helpful before a major harvest than afterwards.

This content will cover topics and areas that aren’t regularly discussed online when people talk about coffee. It will be informative, engaging, and above all else, accessible, to ensure that our efforts are maximising value for the people reading these articles.

Producer pouring hummus into a container, PDG Español

Who Is This For?

Our content will be curated based on extensive discussions with producers, coffee associations, traders, roasters, café owners, and NGOs who operate in Latin America. To make sure that we provide value to the Spanish-speaking coffee community, we are speaking with stakeholders on a daily basis to make sure our content meets expectations.

To ensure we deliver relevant and engaging content that supports producing communities, PDG Español will work in close collaboration with its new Impact Partner, Mayorga Organics.

Martin Mayorga is the founder and CEO of Mayorga Organics. He says: “I’m excited to be part of PDG Español’s focus creating content for coffee communities in Latin America and other Spanish-speaking regions.” Mayorga Organics’ involvement has enabled us to hire a full-time editor and dedicated writers for the Spanish publication.

Martin reached out to PDG and explained that he wanted to help scale and leverage the impact of PDG Español, with a specific focus on supporting smallholder producers. “Any real impact on the coffee industry starts in coffee-growing communities,” he says. “For years, publications haven’t given these communities the focus they deserve, further isolating farmers from the market.”

Why Are We Doing It?

While the main focus for PDG Español is to provide accessible, free information for those who need it, we also want to help raise the profile of the coffee supply chain in Spanish-speaking Latin America.

By interviewing Spanish-speaking coffee experts, we can leverage and champion the experiences of coffee professionals at origin. These are experts who keep the wheels of our industry spinning.

Many of the loudest voices in our industry can be found in the later stages of the supply chain: award-winning baristas, experienced roasters, and café owners. However, we also want to give the professionals who work at origin the chance to talk about their experiences.

We’re also passionate about working with people who have experience in the Latin American coffee sector. The wider PDG Group employs a global team, and many of our writers, editors, and content managers live in or come from Latin America. We want our output to reflect the experiences of not just the people we speak to, but also the people we work with.

As the coffee sector moves forwards to surmount challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, collaboration and open communication will rightly be a significant area of focus.

With this in mind, access to informative and educational content in different languages is and will continue to be of great importance. To this end, we are delighted to be able to relaunch PDG Español, and we look forward to providing coffee producing communities with the valuable content they need.

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Photo credits: Oscar Jimenez

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