March 14, 2016

Support Rashel, Ireland Brewers Cup Champion

Yesterday, we were made aware that Rashel Winn, 2016 Irish Brewers Cup Champion, and writer of this article for Perfect Daily Grind, has recently experienced a setback in her fight against cancer.

rashel winn irish brewers cup

Rashel got in touch only 6 months ago expressing a sincere passion to write and contribute to the coffee community. We had absolutely no idea that, at the time of writing the article, Rashel was undergoing chemotherapy and imagine that sums up her personality perfectly – passionate, resilient and a true coffee ambassador.

To quote our conversation with Rashel in January: “I’m looking forward to getting my time & full power back! Looking forward to working together more though, definitely!”.

We kindly invite all Perfect Daily Grind readers to review the below GoFundMe campaign and donate.