December 3, 2018

The Perfect Daily Grind Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Part 1


The seasonal coffee drinks have been released and the decorations are up. We’re getting close to Christmas.

But if you’re struggling with what to get the coffee-lover in your life, or what to ask for yourself, don’t worry! Take a look at this list of coffee-related gifts that you’d be lucky to receive. And if you’re looking to splash out on something a little more luxurious, check back later this week for our high-end suggestions.

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Coffee-themed socks and hand holding a cup of coffee.

Coffee-themed socks make a great gift. Credit: Department of Brewology

Home Brewing Devices

What better gift than years of delicious coffee? These brewing devices are affordable and practical. Perfect as a replacement for or addition to an existing brewing system.

Toddy Cold Brew System

From US $39.50, £39.90, €45

A simple and effective way to make delicious cold brew. Why complicate things?

A Toddy brewing device and glasses of cold brew coffee

Toddy brewing device. Credit: Toddy


US $75, £59, €66

We often see new takes on established products, but how often do you see a totally new brewing system? FrankOne is an innovative vacuum extraction method that is currently being crowdfunded. The ingenious design also leaves you without the bitter aftertaste of a messy clean-up.

A FrankOne coffee brewing device.

A FrankOne brewing device. Credit: FrankOne

Stagg Pour-Over Dripper

US $59, £46, €52

This is a reinvention of the drip method for those who enjoy a pour over. The sleek design combines the ease of immersion brewing with the great taste of a pour-over. Features include a steep slope to allow maximum coffee-to-water contact and better extraction.

Stagg Pour Over Dripper

The Stagg Pour-Over Dripper. Credit: Fellow

Brewing Tools

With these add-ons you can take coffee to the next level. Perfect for the person who already has (almost) everything.


US $22.99, £16.99, €19

This stylish accessory allows you to use an AeroPress as a two-cup brewing device. A great option for coffee-loving couples, but maybe not the best choice for your unhappily single friend.

2Pour brewing device with AeroPress and cups of coffee.

2Pour brewing device and AeroPress. Credit: 2Pour

Third Wave Water

From US $15, £11.75, €13

These capsules of minerals claim to create richer flavours for your coffee. Add one to filtered water before using it to brew. A great stocking-filler for the third wave coffee-lover in your life.

Third wave water mineral supplement

Third Wave Water mineral supplement. Credit: Third Wave Water


US $35, £30, €34

This is another ingenious AeroPress hack. PUCKPUCK sits on top of the device and allows you to create slow-drip coffee without investing in a full set-up.

puck puck aeropress accessory

The PUCKPUCK device. Credit: PUCKPUCK

Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

US $39 (only available in the US)

Filtered water is an important ingredient in every cup of coffee. This stylish pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic and bamboo. There are several options for subscription replacement filter delivery.

Soma water filter system

Soma 10-cup pitcher. Credit: Soma

Caffi Filters

From US $5.50, £5.99, €4.85

Use these compostable paper filters to elevate your French press game. They keep the sediment out of your cup and make cleaning up easier.

Caffi paper filters and a French press.

Caffi paper filters with a French press. Credit: Caffi Filters

Cups & Other Accessories

There is no shortage of coffee mugs and glasses out there, but these choices are stylish, functional, and some support great causes.

The Created Art + Mugs

US $18 (only available in US and Canada)

These inspirational mugs don’t just look great. A percentage of profits is donated to a charity that supplies clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Hands holding a mug of coffee

A mug from The Created. Credit: The Created

Bitty and Beau’s Can Glass

US$8 (only available in US)

Perfect for a cold brew. Bitty and Beau’s is a small chain of coffee shops that employs people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Buying their products supports the non-profit initiative in creating new jobs.

A Bitty and Beau's glass filled with coffee beans

A Bitty & Beau’s can glass. Credit: Bitty & Beau’s

Atmos Vacuum Canister

From US $25, £20, €19

These containers have an integrated vacuum pump to remove air and keep your coffee fresh. Choose from glass or chic matte black canisters that keep sunlight out too.

Atmos vacuum sealed containers

Glass and black Atmos vacuum canisters. Credit: Fellow

Firebox Coffee to Grow

US $12.99, £9.99, €11.99

A biodegradable coffee cup comes with organic fertiliser and an Arabica bean to grow. The ideal houseplant for a coffee-lover.

A coffee plant growing in a disposable coffee cup.

A coffee plant in a coffee cup. Credit: Firebox

Department of Brewology Prints & Clothing

From US $10, £8, €9

Wear your love of coffee on your sleeve. Or frame it. These quirky slogan prints, t-shirts, and accessories are “devoted to the art and science of specialty coffee.” The company often has charitable initiatives.

A woman wearing a sweater saying Filter Coffee, Not People

The Filter Coffee, Not People pullover. Credit: Department of Brewology

Roasted Coffee

Coffee makes a great gift. But which one? These picks have something unique to offer.

Bean Voyage

From US $17, £9.39, €10.54

Bean Voyage provides training and market access to smallholder female coffee producers. The Voyage Box subscription sends you a different bag of coffee every 15 or 30 days and tells you about the women you’re supporting.

Bean Voyage coffee beans with pine cones and a cup of coffee.

The Voyage Box subscription coffee. Credit: Bean Voyage


From US $14, £10.95, €12.49

For when you want a decent coffee but aren’t near a coffee shop. These compostable bags are filled with specialty coffee to be brewed in a single serving. Opt for a subscription service or a one-off box.

Steeped brand coffee bag in a cup

Specialty coffee in a single-serving bag. Credit: Steeped

Swift Cup Coffee

From US $7, £5.49, €6.15

Specialty instant coffee? It can be a convenient option for frequent travellers or when you’re camping. Choose from one of the holiday box sets or add a three-cup variety pack to their stocking.

Present of specialty instant coffee

Specialty instant coffee. Credit: Swift Cup Coffee


From US $18, £14, €16

Buy from farmers more directly than ever before. Coffee is roasted and packaged by the same farmers who grew. Choose from single bags of roasted coffee, gift certificates, and subscription boxes.

VEGA’s Roast Sampler Box. Credit: VEGA

Three Avocados

From US $12.49, £9.79, €11

This Christian non-profit organization uses 100% of its net profits to provide clean drinking water in Uganda. Its Arabica comes from Uganda and Nicaragua and subscriptions are available.

A bag of Three Avocados coffee.

Three Avocados’s Ugandan coffee. Credit: Three Avocados

Whether you opt for a charitable coffee subscription box or quirky slogan t-shirt, there is a gift for every specialty coffee-lover in your life. Remember to order soon to make sure it arrives before Christmas.

And if you aren’t that organized, remember that your local coffee shop and roasters have great options too.

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